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Free Learning Session:

A learning session is a one-hour one-on-one conversational tutorial that will teach you the fundamentals of the Black Rites Wellness Protocol. During the learning session you will experience the revolutionary slow-motion calisthenic strength training that anchors your 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

What you can expect from your Learning Session:

  1. Learn how to transform your body with your body in just 25 minutes, twice a week.
  2. Experience slow-motion calisthenic strength training in 6 different exercises.
  3. Establish actionable physical wellness goals.
  4. Enjoy a full hour of one-on-one personalized instruction.

Fill out the health history form and liability waiver below to begin your FREE learning session. Once you have completely filled out the form, you will receive an email to schedule your FREE learning session.


Black Rites Wellness is harnessing the platform of Patreon to distribute content, and to manage memberships. Your membership at Black Rites Wellness goes into providing the access of wellness to anyone in search for it. Below are the benefits you will receive depending upon the membership tier you select.

WEB coaching

  • Exclusive access to Black Rites Wellness Portal
  • 1-on-1 Learning Session.
  • Coaching via unlimited email/text.
  • [2] 1-hour live coaching sessions per month.

WEB Training

(Includes everything in previous package)
  • [2] 25-minute LIVE sessions per week.
  • Doesn't include coaching sessions.

In-PersON Training

(Includes everything in previous package)
  • [2] 1-on-1 in-person sessions per week.


Things you need before the session:

This calisthenic protocol works the most effective with a suspension trainer! You can carry them anywhere to maximize your full body workout! The suspension trainer allows for proper progressions, and regressions in each exercise - making the exercises personalized for you.

Black Rites Wellness: Frequent The Frequency is an interactive book containing an in-depth look into the the philosophy of the protocol.