Frequent The Frequency

A praCtical Guide to Flow, longevity, and self-actualization


There are a few immutable forces in the universe that are undeniable; Those being space, time, energy, and matter. You cannot create either one of these forces or destroy them, although you may be able to transform them. In spiritual texts, these same properties are given to the higher power of those respective practices. Whichever lens, spiritually or scientifically, you choose to dissect this information, we play by the rules of these immutable forces.

We harness these forces with simple technologies like a planner, calendar, journal, or our phones. These are great representations of how these forces are made tangible, and with proper engagement, we can even harness them to create our realities. We can measure time, measure the energy used over time, record what has happened, see what is to come and make corrections for the future based on our documentation. These simple, yet complex human technologies unlock the infinite powers of the immutable forces of the universe within our hands. This book is, thus, these forces harnessed in such a way that you can experience these forces and channel them to create a reality from within yourself and thrive.