Occupational Wellness

On your quest for self-actualization, most of your time will be invested in this dimension. You will be broadcasting the most here, but it is important for you to understand that your job isn’t your frequency; it is part of your frequency. You must discover the essence of yourself and find work that is meaningful to you and is resonant with your desired frequency. If you are in a job that doesn’t resonate with your desired frequency, you encounter a bit of interference in your channeling of that frequency.

Your attitude about your work influences your occupational development. Occupational wellness encourages you to explore career options and to pursue the opportunities you enjoy the most. Use moments in your life where you found satisfaction, enrichment, and meaning through work or activity as your guide. Also, identifying workplace stress is vital to practice conflict and resolution management, and is important to achieving an optimal level of occupational wellness.

Since we spend so much time in this dimension, it weighs a significant amount on your overall wellness. I suggest becoming an entrepreneur of an idea that supports your desired frequency so that you can focus your mind on what you are aiming for. In this digital world, you have the opportunity to create an idea, and broadcast it to millions within seconds. Bringing this back to your apotheosis, consider this area to be the domain you will be appointed to govern after your transcendence. What skills do you have or want to develop that you can turn into a business? Will that business be something you can imagine yourself doing when you are 300 years old?


When you invest your time in continuing education, you become more effective, not only for yourself but to others personally and within your company/business. The constant search for knowledge and improving your skills improve your position in the workplace or as a business owner. Knowing that you are securing or improving your position or business will cultivate more self-confidence.


In the Black Rites Protocol, you externalize your brain to simplify the day-to-day busy life (see The 4 Tactics to Frequent The Frequency). This method works really well for simplifying your day-to-day in this dimension. Once you have mastered this method of externalizing your mind, your productivity will increase, and make work less stressful. All that’s left for you to simplify your occupational wellness is identifying causes of stress at work and neutralizing those causes. Like I have mentioned before, each dimension is linked uniquely, so once you identify your causes of stress, you can utilize many of the stress-reducing tactics found throughout this protocol.


While you practice your occupational wellness you will discover occupational opportunities that are resonant with your desired frequency. In this dimension, you will cultivate unique skills that are both personally and professionally beneficial. Below are some practical suggestions for occupational wellness:

  • Practice reflecting on yourself and your occupational needs.

  • Practice exploring both paid and volunteer opportunities that you’re interested in.

  • Practice open communication and proper conflict and resolution management with your colleagues.

  • Practice setting realistic career goals for yourself and Frequent The Frequency!


Repairing this dimension means keeping your emotional, social, intellectual, and physical wellness dimensions in balance. These dimensions collectively contribute to this dimension of wellness and are also affected by it. You can also benefit from keeping a journal and utilizing meditation to rebalance your attitude towards work. Lastly, always look to your desired frequency to understand where you are aiming when things get a bit ambiguous.