Creating Your Ritual

In the first part of this manuscript, I shared with you my rationale behind the protocol and paired it with a strategy to be successful in it. To recap, the Black Rites Wellness Protocol is a practical approach to flow, longevity, and self-actualization through personalized ritual creation. Rituals are important for harnessing the mind’s ability to influence the body, which build your confidence in the desired outcome of self-actualization. By harnessing your personalized ritual, you can optimally access your divine powers.

At any given point in time, there are thousands of frequencies present, just like there are millions of ideas in the collective consciousness. It’s our responsibility to define what we are seeking (tune), and create a ritual that will allow us to manifest that desired frequency. The ritual then has to be performed consistently, hence “Frequent The Frequency.” This phrase is the essence of how you will access flow, longevity, and self-actualization.

By utilizing the 4 Tactics to Frequent the Frequency, you create a strategy to bring these abstract ideas into action. Becoming the master of your reality, one task at a time, has become easier because of access to phones, wearables, tablets, journals, notebooks, and computers. Thanks to modern-day technology, your ability to create timed notifications from calendars allows you to create a reliable personal accountability system. All the information that you have externalized, organized, and planned is put into a system where you no longer have to think about what you have to do. You already thought about it, scheduled it, and now you can truly flow towards longevity and self-actualization.

It’s important that you know that our minds have a limited bandwidth that is regularly hijacked by the distractions society constantly sends our way. By filtering our focus on the 8 dimensions of wellness, we are able to fill our rituals with tasks that will improve our overall wellness and power our broadcasts. The 8 dimensions are complex, and to make the dimensions more manageable, I utilized the 4 Tactics to Frequent the Frequency. It’s encouraged that you do more in-depth research of each dimension to understand the vastness of each and discover more practices that you may want to include in your own rituals.

In this part of the manuscript, I will be sharing my recommended practices you can add to your rituals. Remember, as your wellness improves, it will shift your frequency closer to what you have established in your frequency statement. I will break down the 8 dimensions of wellness by first sharing my meditations that reveal the rationale for which practices I present, and then I will segment each into the 4 tactics.

I will begin with the spiritual wellness dimension to bring meaning, purpose, and inspiration to our quest for our desired frequencies. I will then move to the intellectual dimension to cultivate our minds for growth, similar to how we cultivate our bodies and spirits. Next on to the physical dimension, where I will present my exercise rituals in detail so you can perform them yourself. To transition from introspective practices to external practices, we will dive into environmental wellness as it relates to yourself and others.

Understanding that we share this planet with other individuals seeking their desired frequencies, we then need to discuss social wellness. Engagement with others and our duty through our self-cultivation to help the environment and others give us a look into our occupational wellness. This leads us to financial wellness, which builds from our work and/or investments.

Lastly, it’s important that we understand how we feel about our successes and failures as we move towards actualization. How do we cope with the changes that are presented to us? Thus, we must discuss emotional wellness to close out the fundamental practices for improving your 8 dimensions of wellness.

There is No Law

The practices presented are time-efficient, adaptable and easy enough to follow to become a habit, which is why I made them the staples of the Black Rites Wellness Protocol. These practices are not law, and I encourage you to experiment with different practices or combinations to achieve your desired results within this framework. This is your journey, and I want to share the framework that will get you the optimal results you are seeking. In each section, you will have tasks that you can take and place on your calendar. Let’s Frequent The Frequency!