You’ve made it to the end of this broadcast, but for you, it’s the beginning of creating the reality you desire. Using this protocol in its highest functions will grant you everything you seek, but there is a mindset you must possess to be successful in this protocol. The 8 components that create the appropriate mentality are:

  • Ambition. Your ambition is what pushes the boundaries of reality. Without it, you will remain stagnant in your current frequency.

  • Devotion. Carrying the ambition with devotion guarantees the manifestation of your desired frequency. When you lose your motivation, your devotion will carry you across the finish line.

  • Responsibility. You will need to be responsible with the freedom you inherit by seeking your desired frequency. We can’t have freedom without responsibility because we can become destructive to ourselves and others.

  • Respectfulness. You aren’t the only frequency on this journey, so respect others’ paths and your path will be respected.

  • Mindfulness. Being in flow doesn’t mean you have to be mindless; instead, being in flow means you have headspace to be mindful.

  • Adaptability. Life is full of twists, so being ready to adapt to each frequency shift will reduce resistance in your flow.

  • Patience. This journey is a marathon, not a sprint. You have time.

  • Authenticity. Don’t pretend to be what you aren’t; be what you believe you are.


I have been trying to change the world to how I think it’s “supposed to be” because for someone like me it seems unfair. I’ve realized over my life-span that life is supposed to be however you engage with it. I realize I don’t have to do anything to change the world except be an example for it. My epiphany is that I need to enjoy this life, make it long, make it dense, and have fun while travelling through it. The example I want to leave you with is to think less, speak less, and mindfully do more.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle

Even further, I challenge everyone that has a problem with something in this world to build a business around that issue. Create a solution and use your resources to make the change you want to see. By creating a business around your ideas to solve your problems, you will learn more about yourself and the world, and discover that all things take a significant amount of effort and time. This act will transform you at an exponential rate.

The logo

I want to share the importance of the logo created for this protocol. The symbol that I use is a memento to remember the fundamentals of how to achieve your desired frequency. Two people should be able to look at the same symbol and find entirely different meanings, but it represents the strive towards flow, longevity, and self-actualization. The fluid brush stroke that encompasses the 8 “dots,” inspired by the Chinese “Wu Wei” and Japanese “Enso,” represents the “effortless effort” I described in the beginning of this broadcast, or flow. The 8 “dots” represent the 8 dimensions of wellness that power your broadcasts and shifts your frequency. When you see this symbol, I want you to remember your desired frequency, that those 8 dots have to match the vision to manifest it, and once it comes into your field of vision, get active immediately on working towards it.

The 6-week challenge

Now that you’ve seen the logo, I challenge you to try The Black Rites Protocol for a minimum of 6 weeks. The mastery of your wellness will in fact be a measurable result of your commitment to your ritual. In these 6 weeks, you will recognize that your life will change as you strive for your desired frequency. I encourage you to document the process and analyze what has changed. This program is for everyone, but everyone isn’t for this program. So I wonder… Are you ready for the challenge?

My services

If you are ready for the challenge and want to work with me 1-on-1, you can contact me via This book was written to provide everyone access to the knowledge I have curated to make an effective protocol, no matter your background. Some elements of the protocol may be a little difficult to work through alone for some people, and that is okay. Currently, I am available at for any questions, 1-on-1 online training, establishing your desired frequency, or learning the exercise practice itself.

On my Patreon, you will find more complementary material that supports this main text, like budgeting templates, workout spreadsheets, workout videos, and more. I also share the results of my journey and new discoveries as I shift frequencies. I hope that you can join the Black Rites Wellness community on Patreon and share your journey along with others. I truly want to see everyone find and manifest their desired frequency.


Everyone listed has helped make this book possible in some way. Either you were part of this journey, are a client, supported the Patreon for a while, donated time, donated services, donated money, created an opportunity for me, and so many more ways. Writing a book, for me, is not an easy process, so every little bit of help I was able to receive is very important to me. The list of names are not listed alphabetically.

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Julia Rizzo, Nia Hicks, Kwadjo Danso, Adrian Ghent, Preston Cattledge, Romand Sander, Robin Lyons-Morgan, Tony Morgan, Ying X. Liu, Xiao Xiao Liu, Rebecca Cozad, Fernanda Blanco, Bernard Rice, Gayle Rice, Jimena, Francisco Da Silva, Sara Janei, Dandhara Da Silva, Robin Lyons-Morgan, Tony Morgan, and Stephen Gifford-Bell.