This manuscript outlines the foundational philosophy of my protocol and is a personal manifestation of what I know can reduce the friction in our quest to our personal achievements. I hope you find this book enlightening, validating, constructive, and revolutionary to your current mindset and perspective on life. The journey to mastery of this protocol is much like the journey of any martial art. It takes time to master, but once it’s second nature, you will become a master of your reality.

It’s important that you learn to work with yourself to fill your own cup, and as you overflow, you help others on their journeys. It would be a waste of collective consciousness for me to have curated this information and kept it to myself; therefore, I am sharing this with anyone seeking to manifest wellness, but wellness that is beyond what has already been defined for us. We are boundless beings that have been conditioned like a cow trapped in a barbed-wire fence: the cow is massive enough to break down the barrier, but it never tries to. For us to be boundless, we must choose to become resonant with the habits of being free.

“Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men.” - Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey limited most of his influential quotes to men, but I want to expand these quotes to everyone! If we liberate the minds of everyone, ultimately we will liberate the bodies of everyone. Let’s begin the mission to free ourselves from the bondage we have inherited by creating something beyond what we know is possible. I often joke with my friends that I am already prepared for intergalactic space travel, but our society is stuck in a mindset that limits our ability to manifest these technologies.

Once you have established yourself, you will have great confidence in everything that you do. You can begin to create realities that are authentically and synergistically supportive for you and our communities. I challenge everyone to do this protocol for 6 weeks, and report your results on your favorite social media platform. In a 6-week span, you will find a wealth of benefits, and see results that manifest from the information provided.

It’s A Practice

The protocol is a challenge, but life is a bigger challenge. By mastering this protocol you will be equipped with the tools to conquer the challenges of the ever-changing future. It’s important to understand that everyone sees the fruit before they see the tree, and the tree before they see its roots. Some individuals only want the fruits of labor without the work required to develop strong roots, which ultimately allows the tree to grow tall enough to produce the fruits. With social media and its addictive instant gratification, we have lost our understanding of true harvest. Keep consistent with this practice and the fruit will come.

“With confidence, you have won before you have started.”- Marcus Garvey

Building confidence within yourself through mastery of the 8 dimensions of wellness will allow you to be more effective in all aspects of your life. By creating confidence in one dimension, you will then work to build confidence in the remaining 7 dimensions, and the result is a personal euphoria that you will only know by experiencing it. The easiest way to begin the journey is by starting with the physical dimension. It’s the easiest dimension to make changes in, and will ultimately build the longest-lasting confidence to fuel the other dimensions.

What to Expect

In this manuscript, I will explain what this protocol seeks to address, break down wellness into its 8 dimensions, lead you through how to determine your goal frequency and free yourself from distractions. In the second part, I further explain how to align each dimension into 4 parts: Simplification, Fueling, Practice, and Repair, while providing actionable solutions you can place onto your calendar.